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Courts Unlimited offers full service projects from removing the trees all the way through hanging the net and everything in between.

How To Begin

What can I expect?

Building your dream court can seem like a daunting task at first but Courts Unlimited can take care of everything for you. Let's explore the process together.

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Step 1: Preliminary Info

 We begin with a comprehensive walkthrough of your property to determine the optimal location for your court and any additional features you desire. The next steps involve contacting your town to obtain zoning information and a plot plan so we can tailor to your specific requirements. In some cases, securing a variance may be necessary, which entails a longer process than obtaining a standard permit; don't fret, we will guide you through each stage of the process.


We want to make sure you have a clear vision of what will be accomplished. Following this initial phase, we will explore options that align best with your preferences and putting it together for our contract. This includes:

  • assessing any necessary tree removal,

  • if clearing existing structures or other adjustments need to be made

  • identifying ideal areas for the placement of your court,

  • deciding on paving requirements,

  • which sports you will be playing

  • selecting which state-of-the-art surface is suitable for your chosen sports,

  • and if you will we be adding retaining walls, viewing patios, walkways or any other court accents.

Step 2 : Choosing Your Court

Each and every court is different 

They have different bases, surfaces, dimensions, accessories, designs, color schemes, sport variations, playing styles and more. 

Its important to know your options so your court can be built exactly to your specific wants and needs.

Have A Project In Mind?

We would love to hear it!


NJ LICENSE # 13VH00906200

Courts Unlimited is Fully Insured –

All Work is Guaranteed

17 Furnace Rd.

Chester, New Jersey 07930

Telephone: 732.619.7895


Courts Unlimited prides itself with over 50+ years of extensive experience in new athletic court construction, maintenance, repair and rebuilding using only the highest grade materials possible. The pinnacle of sport court construction.

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Step 3: Construction

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Step 4: PLAY!

We can't wait to hear from you! Let us know what your dream court will look like by contacting us with our contact form or calling/texting us at 732-619-7895.

Have A Project In Mind?

We would love to hear it!

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