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Repair & Reconstruction

Courts Unlimited offers full service projects from removing the trees all the way through hanging the net and everything in between.

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Repair A Well Loved Court

We’ve repaired and resurfaced thousands of courts in our 50+ years of business. We are experts in top-of-line repairs with the highest quality materials available.

We can provide expertise on how to tailor the repairs for your courts specific needs.

Whether you want a short or long term repair option, we know no two courts are the same and need tailored solutions to their issues. There's no copy and paste solution.​​

Courts Unlimited installs all of the industry standard surfaces and offers the best crack repair and overlay options. We're more than qualified to nurse your court back to life.


Wondering what makes the most sense for your repair or rebuild? We’re happy to visit your property for a free consultation.

Figuring out the causes of the degradation in your court is paramount to the repair process. We find out why it's happening and what the best solutions are for you.

Knowing What Your Court Needs

Finding A Solution


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Hard Top

Asphalt is a tricky surface to mend with cracks and puddles able to arise especially when not properly installed.


Cracks, low areas and humps form from subsurface and root damage. Paint can peel and fade. Nature takes back over. Your court will need more serious repairs the longer you wait and eventually need serious reconstruction.

Every 5-7 years a court should be inspected, maintained and color coated. 

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Green Dust / Clay

Even when properly maintained, approximately every 10 years green dust needs to be regraded.


Courts are built with a slight slope for water runoff but because of wind and water erosion it levels itself out.


It can also develop low areas where additional material will be used to fill it in. 


Depending on the amount of play, a court should replace the playing lines/nails every 4-5 years.

clay tennis court repair
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Artificial Turf

Even though artificial turf is extremely durable, problems can arise just like any other court.


Tree roots can cause humps or tearing. The subsurface may settle making the playing surface uneven, requiring the turf to be lifted, filled in and re-seamed.

Depending on use, every 1-3 years a turf court should have sand added back into the surface. The surface should be regraded & compacted every 5+ years.

turf court repair
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Interlocking Tile

Interlocking tile courts have tons of tiny

areas that collect a lot dirt, allergens and debris. 


This can make the surface slippery and degrade the tiles.

Depending on the surroundings of your court, a cleaning should take place 1-3 years or as soon as you see a build up under the tiles. 


Tiles are also subject to breakage and sun bleaching and can treated, painted or replaced. 

Basketball court tile dirty moss

What We Offer

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

Courts come in a wide variety of:



Surface types

It's important to know the type of court you own and how to care for it. 

Flexible Overlay Membranes

Overlays can be placed over newly installed courts for a high quality and long lasting surface. Some feature levels of cushion that offer protection for your joints.


Also after a court is far past its practical life limits, overlay membranes become the best options and are more cost effective than milling and repaving in most circumstances.


For more information about the overlays contact us for a free consultation.

Overlay Membrane

Overlay Membrane

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Cushioned Overlay

Cushioned Overlay

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Cushioned Overlay

Cushioned Overlay

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Cushioned Membrane

Cushioned Membrane

Laying out the membrane

Cushioned Membrane

Cushioned Membrane

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Have A Project In Mind?

We would love to hear it!


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Courts Unlimited prides itself with over 50+ years of extensive experience in new athletic court construction, maintenance, repair and rebuilding using only the highest grade materials possible. The pinnacle of sport court construction.

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