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Courts Unlimited offers tailored

weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance

for your athletic courts.

No matter how bad you think your court looks...

 we've repaired worse

Knowing What Your Court Needs

Finding A Solution

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Hard Top

Asphalt does not always require yearly maintenance. However, once the court begins to crack, seasonal maintenance to keep the degradation from continuing becomes necessary. 

  • Seasonal crack repair for hairline cracks

  • Roots surrounding the court should be removed

  • Every 5-7 years a court should be resurfaced and color coated. 

 Two tone light and dark green tennis court beautiful
Green Dust / Clay

Every spring a green dust / clay court (A.K.A Har-Tru) needs to be opened for the playing season then closed when winter begins. Natural wind and water erosion causes the court damage.

They need:


  • Debris removal

  • Added material

  • Surface re-compaction

  • Moss & algae growth treatment

Options for maintenance packages throughout the season are available to keep your court in pristine condition.

Har tru green dust clay fast dry tennis court beautiful. best
Artificial Turf


Artificial turf courts are very low maintenance, durable and last a very long time. They may require light seasonal maintenance of:


  • Debris disposal

  • Surface re-compaction

  • Added sand

  • Redistribute existing sand

  • Treating moss algae growth

Maintenance should be performed the beginning of each playing season.

 New construction artificial. artificial turf rooftop court with court lighting and steel fence.
Interlocking Tile


Interlocking tiled courts tend to trap debris underneath the tiles. Over time the tiles can break or start to expand and contract forming humps in the surface.


  • A deep cleaning  every 1-3 years depending on your surroundings

  • Power-wash surface 

  • Replace damaged tiles.

  • Restretch the surface.

Taking up the tiles and cleaning the debris and algae prevents the surface from becoming slippery and causing injury.

two tone blue interlocking tile mateflex basketball half court with multi sport net posts, shuffleboard volleyball and badminton

What We Offer

Courts come in a wide variety of:


SIze & Shapes

Surface & Base Types

It's important to know the type of court you own and how to care for it. 

Book Your Spring Opening Today

Have green dust (Har-Tru), clay or court with a subsurface irrigation system that needs seasonal openings or care?

Let our team create  a maintenance package to keep the court in perfect playing condition all year.

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Describe your image

Describe your image

amazing green dust har-tru tennis court, lanscaping, lighting  and black fencing courts unlimited llc

Maintain Your Court

Enlisting our help with your athletic court maintenance ensures your court will be given whatever it needs to stay in good working condition through all kinds of play, weather and natural wear and tear.

Our experts can help design a maintenance package that works for your courts, accessories and property. Each court is different and requires its own tailor made solutions. We offer packages:

  • Weekly

  • Bi-weekly

  • Monthly

  • Yearly 

  • Custom

We take pride in our work, wanting our customers courts to be the best they can be.

For more information about booking, contact us for a free consultation.

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