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Logos & Art

Properly resurfacing and color coating your court will provide a long-lasting, consistent, and comfortable surface.

 Color coding process rainbow text

Choose well.

Make it last.

Quality, not quantity.


Following surface repair and preparations, the court receives a new acrylic coating system, which reseals the asphalt, insulates and allows for the paint to hold.

We apply a sand filled resurfacer slurry mix with a squeegee for even coats that fill any micro imperfections left on the surface and creates the coarse texture.

 Resurfacing a brand new tennis court

Color Coating

Acrylic paint is then applied restoring surface texture while providing an attractive new court color scheme.

We custom blend our sand filled paint mix to create a consistent & even texture that fits your preferred playing style. All of our color coating is performed by hand, the 'old-school' way.


Customers can choose from an array of pigments for a singular or two-tone color scheme... or choose as many as you'd like. Keep with elegant greens or go bold with a fun mix of specialty colors.

Line Striping

Hand painting with squeegee new. tennis court green paint

Vivid white playing lines are the finishing touch to accentuate your color choices. Lines are always taped, primed and painted by hand according to the United States Tennis Association specifications.

Courts can also have multi sport lines added to the existing lines with the contrasting color of your choice. Equip your court to play tennis, basketball, pickleball and any other sport you love.

 Line striping white paint touch up on tennis court.

Custom Logos

We perform logo installations at our customers’ private residences, educational institutions, recreational facilities, country clubs, and tournament venues.

We can also personalize your surrounding tennis court area as well.  We can place your logo onto a windscreen, install your favorite team’s mascot on your court, and even custom design a logo made especially for you.


Murals & Art

Want to be the talk of the town? Have a hand painted mural created to separate your court from all the others.

Our artist will work with you to come up with a dazzling custom piece of work to make your court one of a kind.


Don't have a wall? That's fine, we can build a permanent fixture or temporary structure so you can easily pack it up for a move.

Have A Project In Mind?

We would love to hear it!

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